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Quha Zono – Mouse Pointer

Product Codes:

035-255 – Quha Zono head mouse

035-256 – Head mount kit for Quha Zono

035-257 – Contactless Puff switch for Quha Zono

035-258 – Eyewear Kit for Quha Zono

035-259 – USB Splitter (required if using Qwayo or an Android Tablet


  • Dimensions: Length 59 mm, width 33mm, height 15 mm and weight 23g
  • Wireless connection: 2.45 GHz radiolink, operates up to 10m
  • Battery: Li-Po (Lithium-polymer) 240 mAh. Active use time 30 hours, in automatic idle mode up to 20 days
  • USB Receiver: USB 2.0 HID, includes 3.5mm stereo connector to connect either one switch directly or two switches with the included adapter.