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GPS SmartSole Features on Radio 4 Today and the BBC News

We were delighted to be invited to talk to BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme about the SmartSole.

This is a GPS tracker fitted neatly into an insole which can be placed in a shoe or slipper. It enables loved ones of those with Dementia or Autism to keep an eye on the wearer’s location. It comes in different sizes and can be cut to size so it’s suitable for feet of all shapes and sizes!

I think it’s so encouraging to see Local Authorities embracing this new technology that is making such a difference to people’s lives but we also see private buyers that want to try the Smart Sole and see if it works for them. 24 Local Authorities across England and Scotland have trialled or are using Smart Sole, from their perspective the product offers vast benefits to the quality of life of the people they are looking after. There are also huge potential cost savings by avoiding or limiting costs associated with the police looking for someone who has wandered off, not to mention the stress, worry and potential danger.

SmartSole is proving really popular because wearers love that it is comfortable and discreet, once it’s popped in the shoe it sits there, so it’s one less thing to forget as you leave the house, giving peace of mind.

The product is also really useful for loved ones as you can set ‘safe geo-zones’ that will activate an alert if the wearer leaves a safe zone or enters a potentially dangerous zone. The position setting is useful as it updates every 10 minutes, so at any time a family member or carer can track where an individual is, just by taking a look at an app on their SmartPhone.

Thank you to the BBC for inviting me in to talk about something so important!

If you want to learn more about the SmartSole, please in touch with us on 01296 461000 or read more here:

David Crockford, Product Specialist at Possum

Link to BBC News clip: