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The Possum D-Pos WanderSafeTM Position Monitoring System

This flexible and unrestricted monitoring solution helps to provide both independence and safety for vulnerable users as they move unrestricted throughout a property.

Wandersafe is a wrist or lanyard worn sensor which can be used to detect occurrences of wandering and send an alert to the receiving device with details of the person and the location, for example ‘Mr Smith has just gone out of the garden door’.

It is ideal for use in a residential home caring for those with Dementia.

Where to buy

If you are a Business, Local Authority, Part of the NHS, Charity or any other type of company or a private buyer please contact us for more information or to place an order:

+44 (0) 1296 461 000

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Product Description

  • D-POS is an RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) position transmitter for use together with any of the Possum Telecare products which have in-built RFID capabilities such as the D-ATOM portable trigger and Info Pager 2nd Generation. The D-POS transmitter control unit and Antenna are fitted throughout the property and are usually located on or near doorways. As the D-ATOM portable trigger  (worn by the user) moves through the field that is emitted by D-POS, the D-Atom will receive and store the information on this location.

This information can be used to:

  • Detect occurrences of wandering and send an alert to the receiving device (e.g.


Info Pager 2nd Generation), with details of the person and the location e.g. Mr Smith, Front Door.

  • Detect the last known location of the person should they press the D-Atom to send an alert to the receiving
  • Control access to certain rooms or areas if required
  • Can be linked to competitor products or other nursecall systems.



D-Atom Portable Transmitter/Receiver

  • ATOM with RFID receiver
  • Water proof to IP67
  • Measures 44 mm x 35 mm x 11 mm
  • Weight around 30 g including battery
  • Stretch bracelet or neck pendant
  • Automatic power saving mode
  • Large and clearly identifiable button
  • Programmable permissions to access different areas
  • RFID range test capability



D-POS Position Transmitter and Antenna

  • D-POS: 130 x 71 x 27 mm
  • D-POS-Antenna: 30 x 212 x 24 mm
  • Up to 256 Door ID’ s
  • Adjustable power transmission
  • Ferrite or ground loop antenna
  • Door widths up to 2.5 m
  • Can be linked to door opening
  • Up to 16 different areas

Part number: 035-081 – Wandersafe excluding D-Atom

NE10-07036-01 – D-Atom