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How do I get Assistive Technology (AT)?

If you are a potential AT user you should always seek the advice of a healthcare professional first. This normally involves a specialist Occupational Therapist. Your local authority Health & Social Care service may have a specialist AT Team or your local health provider may have a specialist EAT/AT/EC Service who may be able to fully or partially fund your needs. Here at Possum we pride ourselves on working collaboratively with many of the NHS specialised services.

Alternatively we can offer specialist assessment of your needs by our team of experienced technicians, many of whom have gained their knowledge through the illness of a family member. Our professional team can design, install and train you and your carers on any of our personalised systems.

We also offer an extensive aftercare, support and maintenance service in a prompt and timely manner. Possum assistive technology devices are designed to adapt as your condition alters. If you are nervous at the mention of the word technology we can start slow and small and grow your system with your abilities.

We’re all about making lives easier, maintaining independence and improving quality of life so contact us and let’s see what we can do for you.


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