What is Telecare Enabled Care (TEC)?

Telecare or Telecare Enabled Care (TEC) systems allow carers to monitor the well-being of clients whether inside a residential or hospital facility or within their own home. We are constantly innovating and expanding our range of cutting edge products.

The wide range comprises a number of powerful solutions including the Novo Care phone, GPS SmartSole tracker, SensorMATe, Epi-Care Free wrist worn epilepsy sensor and the paper thin bed/chair occupancy sensors.

The range also includes the standard sensors and alarms you would expect from Possum Telecare.

We also provide seamless integration with our Electronic Assistive Technology products to provide a connected, reliable and more cost effective solution.

For details on how the range of Telecare products can work for you or if you have a specific requirement or any suggestions to expand our range, please contact us.