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Image of the Swycth
  • Compatible with most Telecare pendant providers
  • Complies with EN60601
  • Main Components:
    • Lower Casing
      • Possum Mount nut (¼” UNC)
      • 4 Springs
    • Switch Housing mechanism
      • Pertinent to pendant
      • Microswitch version
    • Switch Pressure Pad
    • Upper Casing
    • Possum Mount (Optional for integration with switch mount solutions)

Image of Swytch with top removed

  • Maintains IP rating of pendant
  • Available in Black or red

Swytch in redSwytch in black






Combi 1

Width: 73mm

Height: 116mm

Depth: 30mm

Weight: 150g

Radio Frequencies (RF)  Tx & Rx 869Mhz & Bluetooth 5 LE 2.4 GHz

Infra-Red Emmiter for remote control

Alert-It Companion Mini

Connections: B-Micro USB 2.0
Weight: 54g
Material: White ABS Anti-microbial
Dimensions (mm): 100 x 45 x 15 (HxWxD)
Batteries: 2x AAA (LR03) Non-rechargeable
Battery Life: 12 months
Operating Temp: 5°C to 35°C (Used Indoors)
Humidity: 90% max. Non-condensing
Sealing: IP53 (not waterproof)
The product complies with 93/42/EEC as a Class 1 Medical Device for use in a Home Healthcare environment.
This product is in compliance with the Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU).

Qwayo 2

Meets UK and European Medical Device Regulations

Qwayo 2 is fully approved, conforming to both the UK (MDR
2002 Class 1) and the European (MDR 2017/745 Class 1)
Medical Device Regulation. Qwayo 2 meets the following
safety standards, approvals and certifications:

• EMC – EN60601-2
• General Safety – EN60601-1
• Lithium Battery Safety – IEC62133-2
• Lithium Battery Transportation – UN38.3
• RoHS
• Backbox symbols comply with Safety Regulations for Medical
Device labelling – ISO 15223

Tablet Specifications

Samsung S7FE (12.4” screen, 5G)
Samsung S6 Lite (10.4” screen, 4G)
Samsung Active 3 (8” screen, ruggedised, 4G)

Smile Fall

New Repo+II


*NEW* Wireless Disabled Access Toilet System


Stand Alone Water Alarm with Output Relays

*NEW* Vibrating Pillow Pad

*NEW* Anti-Ligature Pull Cord Strings

Gas Detector

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