*NEW* Wireless Disabled Access Toilet System

Our system enables the Accessible Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm to be installed as a wireless system. Where other installation methods require wiring, we can use repeaters to transmit the signal to a portable radio pager.

There are many benefits to installing a wireless system over a wired system, namely saving a huge amount of time, expense and disruption for staff, guests, residents and members of the public  – making this a hassle free and fast installation solution.

This system is especially relevant where disabled toilet alarms are being added to a building retrospectively.

We can link the traditionally hard wired disabled toilet alarm system into a long range alpha-numeric pager system, thereby turning it into a powerful portable system. Receptionists, carers and security staff can then  easily carry the small discrete pagers as they go about their duties without being restricted to a particular area to monitor any incoming alarms. The pager alert then tells the staff member the precise location of which toilet alarm has been activated. This means the staff member can go straight there which can limit distress and provide more dignity for the person requiring assistance.

The system works with the C-Tec Accessible Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm Kit and is suitable for toilets that require disabled toilet British Standard 8300.

With thanks to C-Tec for allowing us to use their images.