Openreach Testing of dispersed alarm units

Pete Swales and Stuart Baillie recently attended the Openreach test labs in London to confirm operation of legacy and current PSTN and IP enabled carephone solutions.

The products tested included the Neat Electronics range of dispersed alarm units as below:

  • Neo PSTN
  • Novo PSTN
  • Novo PSTN/GSM
  • Novo IP/GSM

The Openreach test lab allows for calls to be placed from a limited number of Consumer Provider (CP) routers using either IP communication via ethernet connection, or analogue calls using the integral Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA) ports. It should be noted that there are now over 690 Consumer providers (CP) which Openreach partner and manage connectivity on their network.

The list of manufacturers hubs tested were as below:

  • BT Consumer
  • BT Enterprise
  • Sky
  • Talk Talk
  • Zen
  • Vodaphone

The calls were sent over various transmission mediums including:

  • ADSL
  • SOGEA (Consumer/Business)
  • SOGFAST (Consumer/Business)
  • FTTP (Consumer/Business)

The following protocols were used for the pertinent PSTN models:

  • BS8521
  • TT92
  • CPC

SCAIP (TS 50134-9) was the protocol used for the Novo IP/GSM products tested

Various Alarm Response Centres (ARCs) were used to handle the calls to facilitate a mixture of platforms and transmission networks

The success criteria for calls being indicated  as either “Pass”, “Partial” or “Fail”

“Pass” criteria = Call established communication successfully handled on first attempt.

“Partial” criteria = Call established communication successfully after initial handshake failure.

“Fail” criteria = Calls were not handled correctly to the ARC using the product/protocol selected.

In total over 100 calls were placed from the test lab environment the summary of results is highlighted below:

  • 83 calls were assigned “Pass” criteria status
  • 5 calls were assigned “Partial” criteria status
  • 13 calls were assigned “Fail” criteria status

If you would like the full testing report please contact: