Possum Trust

Providing assistive technology to those in most need

The Possum Trust was founded in 1984 to provide vital funds for the many people who would benefit from assistive technology (AT) but who are unable to afford it or arrange other funding. Our aim is to provide as wide a range of services and products as possible from many different suppliers to meet the unique needs of people with disabilities.

Possum Trust
Possum Trust

More information:

In our early days we employed Ken Winter, a user of Possum products, to apply for funding from large businesses to create an income. In addition we also benefited from a small number of charitable bequests, such as that from the husband of Mrs Leburn, whose quality of life was greatly enhanced with the help of Possum AT.

Over the years we have been able to provide useful guidance to thousands of people alongside practical financial assistance where needed. All of this has helped us achieve our goal of helping people in need to “attain a richer enjoyment of life, and to be less dependent on other persons.”

We are thrilled that over 30 years later we are still able to improve the lives of people with disabilities all over the UK.

Like any charity the Possum Trust incurs both administration and staff costs, which are fully covered by Possum Ltd. Every year we also donate a proportion of our profits to the Possum Trust to support its vital work, as well as working with other charities to attract further funding from many other diverse avenues.

This ensures that every penny of the donations the Possum Trust receives is always used for the direct benefit of the people it is intended to help.

You can apply for Possum Trust funding by email info@possumtrust.org or by post: Possum Trust, 8 Farmbrough Close, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP20 1DQ.

Please include:

  1. Brief details about yourself and your requirements.
  2. Details and cost of the equipment you need.
  3. Details of any funding you have received so far.
  4. A letter from your GP, OT or other medical professional on headed paper (please scan if emailing).

All personal information received is treated in strict confidence. Once the Possum Trust has received your application it will be considered by the Trustees, who will contact you as soon as a decision has been made.