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Alert-It Guardian Monitor for Epilepsy

The Alert-It Guardian detects Tonic/Clonic seizures as well as situations that manifest sounds.

The Alert-It Guardian is designed to detect multiple seizure types. It is a highly sensitive bed monitor that sits under the mattress to detect micro movements which indicate a seizure is occurring. It can also pick up on vocal sounds associated with seizures.

The Alert-It Guardian is easy to integrate into a pager or care phone system and it is adaptable, as such is used in many professional care environments. The alerts go through to a hand held pager within a 450m range or a nurse call system.

It can also detect instances of vomiting or incontinence when used with other sensor products.


Where to buy

If you are a Business, Local Authority, part of the NHS, Charity or any other type of company or a private buyer please contact us for more info or to place an order:

+44 (0) 1296 461 000


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