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New Repo+II

Repo+II is a signal booster, it amplifies and repeats the radio signals sent from Possum and Neat’s range of compatible Environmental Controller and Telecare products. This allows radio coverage across bigger properties or sites with multiple buildings.

Repo+II listens for radio transmissions from associated devices, for example pendants or components of the Wall Family, and then retransmits the signal at a higher power to target receivers including other repeater units.

Repo+II is sleek, it’s provided as a full kit and works straight from the box ensuring a quick and simple installation.

The unit has a backup battery included which lasts for up to 72 hours in case of a power cut and has configurable ‘mains failure’ / ‘mains ok’ alarms. There is a regular ‘test alarm’ configurable using programming software. It includes an integrated antenna which gives improved reliability over SMA connectors.

Repo+II is embedded with Neat’s ‘acknowledgement’ signal technology which:

  • Prolongs battery life of peripherals
  • Eliminates chance of ‘Crosstalk’

Where to buy

If you are a Business, Local Authority, part of the NHS, Charity or any other type of company or a private buyer please contact us for more information or to place an order:

+44 (0) 1296 461 000

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