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Nursecall Logger

The Nursecall Logger and display equipment records and shows alarm transmissions which use the Neat Radio protocol.

Every alarm code that occurs from our suite of product is logged on the device, showing all events and their responses.

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Product Description

Nursecall Logger is a valuable management tool as it has the capability to e-mail logs of all alarm events to designated persons allowing manipulation of data showing:

  • Date and time of alarm events and their assignment to individuals
  • The priority of alarm events
  • Who responded to the event either by manual inputting information on the display or by remote means by using an Infopager
  • Status of current alarms
  • Differentiation of alarm types

The unit is modular in design and is provided as a kit containing the following components:

  • Tablet (and PSU)
  • RF hub

The RF hub receives all valid alarm signals from either Possum or Neat peripheral devices transmitted on 869.2MHz and relays these to the tablet via a “Bluetooth” interface. The android app. translates the specific radio data and displays pertinent information about the alarm on the tablet display.

Both the RF Hub and Tablet are battery backed and will provide a minimum of 8 hours operating on battery power in the event of a power failure.

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