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Qwayo 2


Life-enhancing improvements

  • Easier navigation and control, with more Apps
  • Enhanced communications
  • Higher resolution screens, faster processing
    and better sound
  • Longer battery life
  • Straightforward to install and maintain
  • Integrates seamlessly with other systems
  • New all-in-one, streamlined design
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Product Description

Qwayo 2 is the next generation Qwayo, incorporating the latest technology. Feedback from Qwayo users, NHS assessors, OTs, and other specialists has informed the many improvements to Qwayo 2’s design and functionality.

Easier navigation and control, with more Apps

• Clients now have greater flexibility in how they scan and select, including direct selection options. There are switch options to suit every need, including a head-pointing mouse. It’s easier and simpler for clients to answer the door, adjust their bed or otherwise control their immediate environment.

• Qwayo 2 keeps clients connected. The homepage is
improved, with a purpose designed web browser, new icons
and customisable navigation.

• Qwayo 2 offers better connection to and control of Apps. The Apps page is now dynamic and can be made bespoke with the client’s choice of Apps including iPlayer, WhatsApp, YouTube and more.

Enhanced communications

• Allows private calls to GPs, hospitals and banks via telephone tone dialling. Confidential payments online are also possible.

• Bespoke telephone menu with ‘allow’ and ‘deny’ lists and caller name or picture display. Can be set to automatically pause or mute TV or audio when a call comes in.

• More SOS call functions. To a landline telephone, Infopager,
mobile phone, Novo or Tunstall care phone, alarm response
centre or Communicall warden call systems in care homes.
Vibrating and strobe alert unit available, useful for hearing
impaired carers.

Higher resolution screens, faster processing & better sound

• Qwayo 2 offers a choice of three screen sizes, 8”, 10.4” and 12.4”. The 8” screen is ‘ruggedised’, ideal for attachment to a wheelchair.

• The new screens have higher resolution displays and faster
processing speeds.

• Qwayo 2’s integral speakers now offer enhanced sound
quality, better for music, movies and more.

Longer battery back up

• 5-6 days’ remote control battery life from a single charge. A carer can charge a client’s remote on a Friday and it will still be working on Monday.
The easy wireless charge pad can be used
by some clients.

• The Qwayo 2 has 8-12 hours’ battery life

New all-in-one, streamlined design

• Reduced chance of accidental damage or set-up problems

• Qwayo 2 is all-in-one with the hub, microphone and speakers
attached to the back of the screen. There is no separate hub
which could get covered or broken.

• As Qwayo 2 is more robust than ever there’s far less chance of accidental damage.

• The streamlined design with clear guidance icons reduces the
likelihood of set-up problems.

• Full battery traceability. Our support team can access
information on the battery installed and make sure it’s
compliant with safety regulations.

• So you can expect fewer repair and tech call outs.
Straightforward to install and maintain

• Qwayo 2 is straightforward to set up with a single,
all-in-one charge point and clearly labelled metal input sockets.

• This makes it easier to relocate within the home.

• Direct plug in option for client switches. Compatible with the
Quha Zono head mouse, keyboard, tracker ball, optical mouse
and more.

• Simple to attach to beds, chairs or wheelchairs with a choice of compact and versatile mounting mechanisms. Compatible with Vesa wall and floor stands.

Integrates seamlessly with other systems

• No need for separate kit

• Subsidiary control means clients can operate the Qwayo 2
and other devices from a single switch.

• Integrates with the Freedom system for telephone, intercom,
pager, door lock release etc.

• Also integrates with Care phones, Care Assist pagers and Communicall Warden call systems. No more need for a separate units or additional interface devices.



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Meets UK and European Medical Device Regulations

Qwayo 2 is fully approved, conforming to both the UK (MDR
2002 Class 1) and the European (MDR 2017/745 Class 1)
Medical Device Regulation. Qwayo 2 meets the following
safety standards, approvals and certifications:

• EMC – EN60601-2
• General Safety – EN60601-1
• Lithium Battery Safety – IEC62133-2
• Lithium Battery Transportation – UN38.3
• RoHS
• Backbox symbols comply with Safety Regulations for Medical
Device labelling – ISO 15223

Tablet Specifications

Samsung S7FE (12.4” screen, 5G)
Samsung S6 Lite (10.4” screen, 4G)
Samsung Active 3 (8” screen, ruggedised, 4G)

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