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Smile Pendant

The Smile pendant is a wrist or lanyard worn device which can be pressed to activate an alarm.

The Smile pendant is extremely lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The pendant has a permanent wireless connection to the base unit. If the wearer needs help, simply press the pendant for a few seconds and this will automatically activate the base unit and open up a call with a member of the telecare team or alert a pager which can be worn by a carer or family member.

The pendant has a wireless range of up to 200 metres (656 ft) from the base unit so is ideal for use in a residential home. The pendant is waterproof and can be worn while bathing.

The pendant comes complete with an interchangeable wearing pack, so can be worn on a velco wrist strap or round the neck on a lanyard.

Where to buy

If you are a Business, Local Authority, Part of the NHS, Charity or any other type of company please contact us for more info or to place an order:

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