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Wall Family

The Wall Family are a range of wireless nurse call units.

They offer a flexible and powerful yet simple solution for visually and audibly alerting nursing staff to calls from patients.

They can all be linked to our extensive range of products.

Where to buy

If you are a Business, Local Authority, Part of the NHS, Charity or any other type of company or a private buyer please contact us for more information or to place an order:

+44 (0) 1296 461 000

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Isolator Switch
Product Code: NE10-11017-01

Single Button Alarm Point
Product Code:NE10-11207-01

3 Button Alarm Point
Product Code: NE10-11213-01

Single Pear Input Alarm Point
Product Code: NE10-11205-01

Single Pear Input/Single Button Alarm Point
Product Code: NE10-11209-01

Pull Cord Alarm Point
Product Code: NE10-11211-01

Single Button/Pull Cord Alarm Point
Product Code: NE10-11218-01

Peripheral/Sensor Interface
Product Code: NE10-11013-01

Wall Frame 16mm Pattress Box (Surface Mount)
Product Code: LL32-06001-08

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