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Product Description

Combi, our latest product, fulfils the need for a simple yet highly versatile switch

  • Combi 1 is a single-buttoned ECU and remote system
  • It utilises Infra-Red technology to capture and send signals to appliances like TV’s
  • The device can also send Radio messages to NEAT or Tunstall Telecare devices
  • Programming can be easily done via Bluetooth using the Android app
  • Offers Short & Long press functions for intuitive control
  • The Switch Input feature allows for up to 6 functions when connected to two switches via a splitter cable
  • Built-in speaker provides announcements for charging status, low battery, and incoming radio messages from pagers or care alarms
  • Charging options include wireless or standard Coaxial Charger
  • Contains a long-life Li-Ion Battery for sustained performance
  • Complies with Medical Device standard 60601-1 Class 1, ensuring safety and suitability for medical environments


Width: 73mm

Height: 116mm

Depth: 30mm

Weight: 150g

Radio Frequencies (RF)  Tx & Rx 869Mhz & Bluetooth 5 LE 2.4 GHz

Infra-Red Emmiter for remote control

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