GPS Smartsole® wins 4 Star Award

Possum Achieves 4* Rating from Leading Magazine – 4/7/2017

The UK’s favourite disability lifestyle publication, Able Magazine has awarded Possum a 4 star rating for its Smart Sole product.

Able Magazine reviews the best products in the marketplace in order to give disabled people a benchmark to look for as they purchase new disability specific equipment and assistive technology. Products are rigorously tested in four areas and given an overall score based on how they were judged regarding: how well the product is made and how user friendly it is, if it looks good, how innovative it is and if it represents good value for money.

Editor of Able Magazine, Tom Jamison said: “We take great care to see things from the disabled person’s point of view. It’s not just about how well a product works, it’s about ‘can I live with it?’ ‘Does it look good?’ Great products bring together form and function, be it a new car or a simple gadget to make life that little bit easier.

It’s great when we see a cracking product that will genuinely help a disabled person in their day-to-day life.”

The GPS SmartSole® is the next step for monitoring vulnerable individuals.The patented GPS enabled “Smart” insoles fit easily into most adult shoes. This removes the need to carry a separate tracking device, allowing users to maintain their existing lifestyle without unfamiliar additions. The GPS SmartSoles® come in several trim to fit sizes, are water resistant and are made with the highest quality electronic components ensuring maximum GPS and network coverage.

The GPS SmartSole® was developed by GTX Corp and is distributed by Possum Ltd in the UK and Ireland. GTX Corp are an award winning American based company with distributors worldwide. They were the first in wearable technology and as well as the SmartSole® offer a number of other tracking solutions including the Take-Along Tracker, a miniaturized GPS tracking device.

Possum are an independently British owned company based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Since 1961 Possum have been a market leader in providing, installing and supporting electronic assistive technology solutions including Environmental Controls and Technology Enabled Care (TEC). Possum are very proud to be the sole distributor for the GPS SmartSole® and Phil Iles, Sales Manager U.K. & Ireland for Possum, stated, “The reception of the GPS SmartSole® has been very favorable amongst caregivers and physio therapists looking after those with cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia. This award is a great honour and a significant step forward in the process of building product awareness and acceptance in the marketplace.”