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Info Pager - 2nd Generation


The Possum Info Pager 2nd Generation

We have listened to our customer feedback and further developed our technology with the next generation of Info Pager ensuring the most effective way of managing a system of Possum Telecare sensors and alarms.

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■ When an alarm/sensor is activated the Info Pager 2 will vibrate, flash and can emit either a beep, siren, or a tune via the loud speaker. There are 3 volume levels available or the device can be set to silent and vibrate only.

■ Large, clear, colour screen displays the alarm device, location and person

■ Manages over 255 Possum accessories (alarms and sensors) and 255 potential locations.

■ Flexible active alarm list - not only will the device hold information on the last 32 alarms (dates, times and locations), it will also allow the user to scroll and select which active alarms to acknowledge.

■ Flexible application - can be used as a stand alone system or, using the unique re-transmission technology, alerts can be escalated to the NEC Care Phone, Neo GSM care phone or the NEC M-Care Phone if the alarm is not acknowledged.

■ Seamless integration with existing Possum telecare systems including the Info Pager 1st generation systems.

■ Easy set up from the device or PC software (supplied).

Contains RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Technology) which enables location monitoring for inside the property.


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