Combi 4

A simple and easy to use controller consisting of 4 buttons, with the option of having up to 8 different commands!

The Combi 4 offers a 2 in 1 button solution allowing multiple commands through either a short or long press. With built in scan function, the Combi 4 provides a menu type controller that can flick through the programmed infrared devices, enabling a person to control their immediate environment in one system. The Combi 4 is programmed via an Android App, offering simple step by step programming which is easily configured.

How it works…

The Combi 4 can work in 2 different ways:

1. Scan mode – the user presses a button to flick through the menu.
If more than 4 commands are programmed, the scan goes round
twice, in a clockwise direction starting from the pink button

2. Direct Access mode – a short press completes one command while
a long press controls another command per coloured button.

For example, pressing the yellow button quickly turns the TV on/off,
while a longer press changes channel.


Features and Benefits

• 1 week battery life
• Option to have between 1-8 commands
• Auditory notifications and prompts, including low battery
• Scan function
• Transmits both Neat and Tunstall radio protocols
• Compatible with any Possum switch
• Medically approved device
• Lightweight device
• Programmed via an easy to use Android App
• LED indicator
• Compatible with NEAT range, meaning the Combi 4 could alert a carer via a pager

Width 73mm
Height 116mm
Depth 30mm
Weight 150g
Radio Frequencies (RF) Tx & Rx 869.250-450Mhz
Bluetooth 5 LE 2.4 GHz

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